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Mental Problems When Issuing Loans

Mental Problems When Issuing Loans

The inability to build a financial flow is one of the main reasons for contacting a psychologist. For example, in the psychological practice, there are about 20% of such clients. Values and attitudes are the basis declared in the family (money is evil, work hard to get money, etc.), fear of life and much more.

Many Americans have financial problems related to the need to repay any loans either payday and bank one: it can take more than half of their income. The most annoying thing is that not all loans really help a person, many of them could be easily abandoned.

Why do people take out unnecessary loans?

There are two main reasons. First, banks take the effect of deferred liability: “Enjoy now, pay later!”. Thus, in the moment, joy/euphoria increases, and responsibility decreases.

Secondly, everyone wants to feel like a magician who can do much more. And people take out loans to feel omnipotent, to seem better than they really are.

And, of course, many people are attracted by favorable slogans: “You don’t need to pay for a loan!”, “Take the card for free!”

In many ways, people are affected by society itself, where the rich seem happy. And a person who finds it difficult to cope with stress organically believes that the next thing will make him happy.

The materialism pushes people to take rash steps. “We go into debt to buy what we don’t need and impress someone we don’t like.” This saying is suitable for many – those who in childhood were praised only for achievements, were not loved just like that.

When a person has his own “bad-good” pattern, when he is confident and balanced, when there is not much dependence on public opinion, then you don’t have to worry. It is unlikely that in this case a person will fall into the “trap” of marketers.

If you have clear financial plans and reasonable desires, you keep records of expenses and income, are able to clearly realize your benefits, no one will “sell” anything to you, be sure!

But what if the loans have already been taken out? How can one smooth out the negative consequences in the mental state of a person who has taken out a loan? Experts give you some tips and recommendations.

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It is important to create thoughts about your development and pleasure. To focus on finding new opportunities to earn, to be creative – so the loan will not be a burden, but a growth zone. This is the main and most important rule. Money “does not come” to pay loans back. Constant thoughts about loans can only increase the credit burden, because the “clouding” of thinking prevents us from seeing many prospects.

It is necessary to start planning finances, keep records and treat finances as a partner. Start managing them, don’t throw them off anywhere.

NOTE: money is given for your personal pleasure and buzz. Practice shows that loans taken out for something else are repaid much worse!

It is important to accept the fact of the loan, and not resist it. Resistance manifests itself as regret that “I got into a loan and have to repay my own.” You should give money for a loan with joy and gratitude for the benefits that you received when taking a loan out.

In some cases, visits to a psychologist will help to remove the basic attitudes, resolve the injuries that caused this situation to occur at all.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to improve your financial situation much faster.